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My name is Vincent W. also known in chat by desertmod I was able to make $100,000 of PAYD's Calls thru-out a 2 year time period - proof his system does work. Thanks PAYD!

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Meet Eric - He went from $2,500 to over $78,000 in just 2 weeks.  Here is his interview.

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Success Story


When I saw PennyStocksPAYD's website at first glance, I immediately thought to myself, "This is probably just another one of those pump-and-dump, get-rich-quick scam sites claiming to help make you money. I bet they don't even keep records. If anything, they'll just tell you to buy stocks, but won't tell you when to sell. They probably won't disclose their positions, but are simply in it for taking your subscription money." My thoughts, however, were the furthest from the truth.
After scrolling down the page of his blog, I noticed that Mr. PayD provides a list documenting his trades, including entry and exit prices. As premium members, we have access to the private chat room, and even receive a daily chat log of each day's live calls, which is especially helpful for those who are busy working a job or can't make it to the chat room that particular day. Mr. PayD also provides text message alerts for premium members as well. Mr. PayD diligently works into the night for his premium members, and sends out carefully written watchlists - he doesn't simply write down a list of tickers, but takes the time to explain why he likes a particular stock, and what he is expecting it to do. In the chat room, he announces trading ideas that show up on his real-time scans, and announces his personal buys in chat as well as in a private Twitter feed for premium members only.
In addition, Mr. PayD has been educated by the esteemed penny stock trading legend, Timothy Sykes, and seeks to bestow his knowledge to his premium members. Another thing I noticed about Mr. PayD is that he cares deeply for his members, and provides assistance and advice not only on good prices to buy, but also when to sell. No one is perfect, and Mr. PayD is humble enough to recognize that. He even announces his losses in chat too. By doing this, he helps others to minimize their losses, which is absolutely essential in trading.
This is an especially helpful service for traders who might not have extra money to pay for access to sophisticated real-time data feeds, but are still on the lookout for real-time alerts. Mr. PayD, along with other members in the group have made some very profitable calls, like KATX for instance, which was mentioned while trading in the 8 cent range, and then ran to 25 cents. I personally made an 85% gain on $KATX, and Mr. PayD coached me through the entire process.
Mr. PayD also tends to be conservative, and encourages members to preserve their cash and avoid losses. Some may think his selling targets are too low, but in my opinion it's always better to be safe than sorry.
All in all, I believe this service is excellent for both novice and experienced traders alike, and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to gain experience trading penny stocks profitably. 


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