CEI made a few trades on it from .24 to .25 and .28 to .30sh

ELTK i think i tried to play it off the bounce off 13ema ... but flipped it will probably watch it tomorrow

FNMA I tried to get in on this 3.19 but sold 3.18 - textbook breakout is 3.29sh for it to go higher

GNCA big winner 6sh long and 6.55sh exit - 7 aftermarket .. blahhhh --- my relong was right .. its just that it dipped lower to vwap and stopped me out

MDCL i tried to get in on this 2.75 then sold it for even will try again if it gets over 2.90sh level

RWLK technically i coulda bought the 10sh break premarket and sold it 11sh or for 50 cents but did not .. then offering at 7.50sh and ... i left it alone


Daily Recap June 4 2019 RWLK WORX AMRN PRED CTRM

AMR i traded this one off the .25sh round number bounce then got demolished - also traded this once it broke .38 but no luck there - also i built a scanner to find these lol

CTRM i liked this one off the 8sh bounce premarket - sold 8.50sh then demolished - no shares in my so called short broker LOL

PRED didn't buy - tried to get 4.75sh fills then canceled it --- ohhh well maybe next time weve been watching it since 4.50

RWLK traded this one off the 1 minute dip at 6.20sh - instead of waiting for the 1 minute 6sh bounce ... t hen sold 6.30sh then again 6.30sh to 6.50sh .. good profit but i wish i made more LOL - fda aproval news .. possible continuation tomorrow

WORX traded this one post halt 6.30sh to 6.50sh then... kind of abandoned it -- i liked the VWAP reclaim and stuff into the 7.20sh .. then no trade lol



ABIO good into the halt long then demolished and stuffed into vwap

GNCA looking at the 7 break squeezed to 11.50 then demolished ---- 8 bounce but minor only 40 cents

SOLY good short in the 16.90sh then back down to 15sh bounce - potential bounce then fade

LGCY good trend buy didn't trade


Short Selling ABIO - Big Loss My Broker Bought Me In


Low Floater Extravaganza May 2019 Here Are The Movers

AVEO was a good trend buy / white line as well as a good VWAP buy red line

DMPI was a good hmmmm well into the halt buy as well as a trendline downtrend broken buy

ELTK was a good hmmm 6.20sh buy at market open with 6sh stop loss --- then a good dip buy off the 8.50sh previous resistance now support - then a short as the uptrend wedge pattern formation failed - then a good buy on the green/red on the day cross


GNCA was a good into the halt buy as it was making new high on the one minute and volume came in over 100k per candle - after that a short as it failed the downtrend wedge breakout and got stuffed into VWAP - the base was 6.50sh and held thru out the day untill it cracked - level to short

OBLN was a good break of 1.50sh as it held the uptrend / blue line - also round number 1.50sh

SBOT a gop and crap daily stock - was a good buy on the downtrend from the /yesterdays 1.70sh highs - it never looked back held 13ema on the 5 minute - then at the open - sold off with a double top 2.50

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