A New Car Audi TT Convertible Plus Top Pump And Dumps 2017 And My Trades

Its been pump and dump madness MJPI PTCO PSCR  (they are in play - they have speeding up)

Parabolic movers NTFU (sold no play) BUDZ*more parabolic?* and new ones CIIX GIGL  *potential long if they break yeasterdays highs*

Bouncers MYHI QBIO *potential longs* - bottoming price action

Breakouts MCIG AXIM (not into onldie marijuana breakouts)




GIGL awesome movement - will keep this on radar

CIIX awesome breakout on this - will keep on radar

NTFU longed it 1.32 with a 1.25 stop loss - i got stopped out a couple of tims but I think it will continue higher - they ahve been buying it quite well

BUDZ is a weed stock - textbook $1 break that I didn't buy

MYHI potential bounce

QBIO nice brekout on this - didn't buy - potential dip buy

AXIM I have been wtching for the 9 cross - didn't buy almost did - seems to be consolidating

NDEV watching 52 week breakout

BCDA just watching for now 

MCIG been watching this .20sh mark for a 52 week breakout

MJPI is the newest superpump and dump spiker ! They are thretening to break highs - but unlikely I will buy

PTCO superpump 2.0 - bought 1.15sh breakout and got stopped out - rebought the 1.40sh breakout on this

PSCR superpump 3.0 the one I bought .60sh.... still potential relong on the $1 cross

VBIO awesome bounce on this

GYOG is a very active subpenny that did a 52 week breakout`

ICNB made profit going to just watch for now


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