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My Asia trip is quite nice. I have been relaxing my brain studying, well spirituality. I am getting more and more excited to trade. Between 150-200 books now in my audible I am enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Malaesya has been really nice, with very nice food and extremely hot. Kuala Lampur was fun and taking a picture next to it was quite fun.

Singapore was my favorite but probably second favorite. I enjoyed the Marina Bay sands and the clean and nice financial city.

Video coming soon...

INSY my best trade from the day bought the VWAP at .37sh or so then sold .38 .39sh

FCEL I had a .57 average dumped it at .58sh in a 1 minute candle from .64 LOL .. algos and i averaged down ... shouda waited on the 5 minute and longed .40sh or so

NBY longed it 4.10 sold 4.25 quick premarket trade

SNIT they liquidated everybody but not untill they sold a bunch of shares and made a nice intraday bounce LOL

NBY tried it at 1.18 with 1.10 stop then longed it 1.20 into the halt... wammm didn't sell the ask hit the bid when 1 minute was about to breakdown LOLh

PRVB tried it 12.75sh sold 13.27 and then left it alone - watched it go to 22 LOL then bought the 12.30sh bounce sold 12.80sh LOL then went to 16 LOL

RVLV tried it 38sh long sold 40sh then left it alone

WKHS 2.50sh long 2.50sh stop out LOL !

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