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NBY tried it at 1.18 with 1.10 stop then longed it 1.20 into the halt... wammm didn't sell the ask hit the bid when 1 minute was about to breakdown LOLh

PRVB tried it 12.75sh sold 13.27 and then left it alone - watched it go to 22 LOL then bought the 12.30sh bounce sold 12.80sh LOL then went to 16 LOL

RVLV tried it 38sh long sold 40sh then left it alone

WKHS 2.50sh long 2.50sh stop out LOL !

ELTK was a bounce stock off the 13ema - CTRV and RWLK bounced on friday and we were expecting a similar move


FTD broker didn't let me buy the premarket open range of .34 ... missed out - great daily though

HAIR ugly day - merger news - pop and crap kind of deal - ugly daily - lost

LJPC traded it on the 12 break to 12.20 then didn't buy the uptrend support zone nor looked at it all day LOL

NEPT had news with Tilray - my news scanner was out and didn't catch this one early - traded it on the 5 break to 5.06 or so hit 5.20 aftermarket - great 52 week breakout

RWLK tried to short 6.55 then it went much higher than i thought - at 7sh something - then cut it off at 6.50 since i was wrong and down 50 cents


CTRV didn't trade much but i like how it held the 10 support level bounced also the 15sh sell and then a fade

INSY traded this off the micro bounce in the 1.27 to 1.35 area

LJPC just a stock that i should not mess with lol

VTVT traded this on the 1.20 break and 1.180sh bounce lol


CEI made a few trades on it from .24 to .25 and .28 to .30sh

ELTK i think i tried to play it off the bounce off 13ema ... but flipped it will probably watch it tomorrow

FNMA I tried to get in on this 3.19 but sold 3.18 - textbook breakout is 3.29sh for it to go higher

GNCA big winner 6sh long and 6.55sh exit - 7 aftermarket .. blahhhh --- my relong was right .. its just that it dipped lower to vwap and stopped me out

MDCL i tried to get in on this 2.75 then sold it for even will try again if it gets over 2.90sh level

RWLK technically i coulda bought the 10sh break premarket and sold it 11sh or for 50 cents but did not .. then offering at 7.50sh and ... i left it alone


AMR i traded this one off the .25sh round number bounce then got demolished - also traded this once it broke .38 but no luck there - also i built a scanner to find these lol

CTRM i liked this one off the 8sh bounce premarket - sold 8.50sh then demolished - no shares in my so called short broker LOL

PRED didn't buy - tried to get 4.75sh fills then canceled it --- ohhh well maybe next time weve been watching it since 4.50

RWLK traded this one off the 1 minute dip at 6.20sh - instead of waiting for the 1 minute 6sh bounce ... t hen sold 6.30sh then again 6.30sh to 6.50sh .. good profit but i wish i made more LOL - fda aproval news .. possible continuation tomorrow

WORX traded this one post halt 6.30sh to 6.50sh then... kind of abandoned it -- i liked the VWAP reclaim and stuff into the 7.20sh .. then no trade lol


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