Fun Times In Asia Cruising And Watching The Financial Markets

My Asia trip is quite nice. I have been relaxing my brain studying, well spirituality. I am getting more and more excited to trade. Between 150-200 books now in my audible I am enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Malaesya has been really nice, with very nice food and extremely hot. Kuala Lampur was fun and taking a picture next to it was quite fun.

Singapore was my favorite but probably second favorite. I enjoyed the Marina Bay sands and the clean and nice financial city.

Cruising around Malaesya wild waters has been interesting.

The Batu Caves were nice... I enjoyed walking the 400 steps or so. The Elephant and the Shiva dudes were quite kool for the most part.

The palace in Bangkok was probably my favorite. I felt... at home for the most part. There were so many budhist temples there, about 35,000 but that doesn't mean everybody in the country is religious hahaha. It's nice to see these nice... temples. As far as a religious country, well, its still a poor country hahah

Indeed I felt at home at some of these temples.

Buddha was kool for the most part. I enjoyed my talks with him and his stillness.

Bankok I also enjoyed the nature in the Bangkok thing.

I found some people there funny lol

I liked the elephants. They were really chill.

I liked singapore ... the pool but thats a little too much concrete for me.

I enjoyed my ride on the river with Phucket James Bond thing.

It was quite nice.
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