Penny Stock Trader Payd is up $24,000 in June 2015

Penny Stock Trader Payd is up $24,000 in June 2015

Hello Boys and Girls !

Got to remember to take 10-20% gains when trading penny stocks, and then possible go run in a cave and meditate... Hahah just kidding ... This is my motivational speech for trading pennies. I have done well for the month of June 2014 I am up $24,000... got to remember to not take yourself too seriously and go out and enjoy yourself...

Couple of things I have been noticing about myself....

1. Try not to bet too much, because that is when you take a big loss !!
Actually I am a trader as a profession and I have been working day in and day out to updating this website to a better look..

Aren't you glad I did just that?

You can find my trading log here as I continue to amaze anybody else who sits besides me - well not too much to get to my head but enough to get you to see that this is the real deal....
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