Penny Stocks Blog July 9th 2015 - Market -234 Points But THere Are A Few Penny Stocks That Are Worth Watching

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Actually I just sat out and watched what was going on today - didn't make a trade - sold most of my longs

I have been watching the .09s break daily breakout possible .10s into tomorrow sexy chart here

HEMP been watching for the .013s break possible bounce - I dont think too much of it - the thing is slow

DRMC was a great call at the open - stock went crazy from .0020s up to .0080 in just an hour - congrats for those that daytraded it real quick - sadly it didn't hold gains and doesn't look like a green day coming tomorrow

NTIP everything in nasdaq was getting shorted right at the open market -240 points sooooo shorts been owning the market so far

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