What You Should Know Before Starting To DayTrade

I've always wondered what to write today in a late 8pm Thursday Afternoon

As i drink my coffee next to MGM - ofcourse everybody and anybody that lives in Florida should get passes to all the theme parks - and to tell you the truth they are just about 8 or so - not including Holloween Horror Nights ....

As I stare the the finviz page I load up my equityfeed and look at the top most liquid gainers - I notice KPAY --- well 2million dollar volume and up 180% ofcourse an OTC ... 

KinerjaPay Corp. (KPAY) Successfully Negotiated an Initial $25 Million Non-recourse Credit Facility With Its Local Bank

Seems promising.... well I will add that to the watchlist ... why is TSLA on my watchlist hmmmmm lol anyway what was I saying.... ohhh yaaaa life

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As I go over my newest audiobook called Unscripted by MJ Demarco - probably went thru listening it for the 3rd time it really put a couple of things in perspective.

Probably the dynamics of white gumballs, red gumballs, gold gumballs and well maybe yellow gumballs.  As I watch more and more people staring into their phones or trading their life away for hourly wage witch I really hate, I realize the 99% failure in daytrading and why you will fail.  Ofcourse probably 1 out of 100 will succeed at this, and that is in a period of 5-10 years, and after we shall be talking once again once you can pull 6 digits each year.  And to tell you the truth 6 digits is not an easy task especially with the markets dynamics that require you to sit on your ass for more than half of it and wait.

Wait ? What exactly are we waiting for PAYD? Were waiting for setups that we wont loose money.  Well, what are those setups?  Well, you first need to go out there and loose all your money and then you will see them.  Haha ! If somebody told me this when I first started trading I probably woudn't be trading again.

But why did I choose trading despite all the failure rates of this job?  It probably had to do with the freedom of it, probably due to the fact that I can listen to 150 book on my audible account, now probably about 120 and do whatever I please.  Perhaps to some $500 14 day cruises are not a big deal, but if I would of been at a job I hate from 9-5pm I woudn't be able to have the time.  Perhaps going in Amsterdam and showing up at 3am in the redlight district and picking the preatiest girl on a day when its snowing hahaha ! And have amazing time for half an hour for what I pay here for a dine out day at red lobster.

I started thinking and critical thinking about this market ... How technically you can fail 70% of the time and still live off only the times you made money ... And 70% of the time considering 90% of trades you do is loosers, it comes out to be 1 in 30 statistically speaking of you hitting a winning trade.  So why should I hurry?  Let the market show me the odds.

As I sit here enjoying my coffee, working on my low carb diet, perhaps I should not eat over 2000 callories and I am trying... And I no longer smoke ecigarettes thank god... I have been limiting them to 2 regular cigarettes a day and thats fine.... 

But as I read more and more in this book ... as I am drinving ofcourse my BMW Z4 it really put things in perspective how 80% of americans have less than $10k saved up and well, I go out of my confort level and risk money, money that I have worked for so hard to ... well, hit those 1 in 50 home runs that will probably never come :)))) or will they ... because I do plan making $2,000,000 in this lifetime, perhaps some spiritual thing just has that number set up for me, or perhaps I dreamt it.  Do dreams come true ?  Or are they something that tell the future?  Because frankly my sixth sense told me the future far before I lived it.  Or is it because I trained my mind to think of the positive and brought the positive in my present future.  I will never know.

I look around and see ... welll tons of youtube influence... and well... They are making me feel a little small, not because I feel small... I feel quite happy with what I am doing at this time, enjoying a nice coffee in the middle of MGM studios, and having.... aaaaaaaaaa.... a clear mind... a clear mind to think... a clear mind to create.... a clear mind to do what I want to do..... and I guess that is why I choose trading.... despite my ups and downs ...

Ohhh ya and did I mention everybody I know is doing worst than I am... and somewhat I feel inferior cause I watch people on youtube that I subscribe to that are like the top 0.05%.... I guess I shoudn't.  I shouldn't be misserable that well my bodyfat is well not 12% but 19%... Yet my energy level was sooo high when it was 12% ... but what can I say when you give everything in the stock market, expect stress, expect weight gain, expect lack of energy, expect to give it your all and not get anything back.  Or will I....

Because I believe for every action there is an equal and oposite reaction .... its the law.... but how much action is needed to get a 100,000k or more a year reaction... You think its 1000 hours?  Its not... Its more.... and Much Much much much more.....

And then I go, close off this laptop and enjoy my walk around a random theme park.... while there are tons of girls checking me out and yet I am scared to date any of them... cause well.... women are dangerous these days..... and they are not a priority ... and it shoudn't be for you either.... :)

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