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NTEK some guys are long on this in the .09s possible dime and higher potential long

KIRI the stock that give me and some other guys in the chatroom and *excitement* - possible 1.50 cross and a 1.80 break

MCPIQ did break .13s soooooo higher?

LOCK still would like to see how this plays out maybe there will be a few dollars out of this one

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FNMA Fannie Mae possible 2.50 break here it had an awesome close soooo I will be excited if this gets moving

GEQU I admit - it is a pos - high spread and trades fairly with little volume.. but a breakout is a breakout... this can continue into tomorrow chart is BULLISH - B U L L I S H !|

AVXL remember my blog post on HJOE ... this chart is starting to look identical once .55 passes

HEMP great move here ... I am thinking it will sell off ... look at the 80 million dollar volume the end is near ! - sell the gap please whoever is long in the chatroom

MCPIQ still watching the .13s break once this breaks .15s is coming

DNRG had a nice move today watch for the dime cross and possible back up move - hopefully it does but I am uncertain - still worth watching


THCZ I am long on this over the weekend thinking it will pass .15s and run a bit in the morning - I will likely book a profit on any gap we get tomorrow

COTE is probably going to run tomorrow I am thinking it going to rbeak .0070s and run.... this is my #1 stock for tomorrow as a potential buy

MCPIQ I have a subscriber long on this from the the .09s I still would like to see it break .13s just in case keeping it on scan

AVXL probably not going to buy it unless it breaks .55 but this can breakout via HKUP style soooo I will keep it on radar just in case

PPCH watching for a bounce potential 5 red days sooo weshall see I would like to see this bounce next week probably at the end of the week I am thinking

BTCS would like to see this bounce next week also - will keep an eye on it it... I like how the volume increased each day

LOGG its a short I am pretty sure it won't go much higher than this

GEQU I would like to see this breakout .0050-.0055 range.. big resistance there .  Still illiquid but they are trying to get it to breakout


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