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What Are Penny Stocks - How To Buy Penny Stocks - How To Trade Penny Stocks

Motivational picture of the day - that looks Hot - I love the ---- View =)))

AVXL Anavex Life Sciences just an awesome mover - I banked $4,600 !! and probably will keep going into tomorrow

Had about 35,000 shares =))

OGEN Oragenics Inc we called this one fair and square for the 2.5 pick up as well as called it when it broke 2.90 and boom 3.20 bid into the open today

LXRX Lexicon Pharmaceutical - just awesome move - I will still like to keep it on radar just in case it does some super exciting - I still would like to see how this progresses

IMUN Immune THerapeutics Inc - just awesome mover also almost 50% gainers - still watching for some dip action

WNDW SolarWindow Technologies Inc (OTC) - kilelr move for this otcbb ever since it broke 2.30s mark - and they say that there aren't such things as big movers in the stock market

NYMX Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp Still would like to see if this 13 EMA will hold

Learn To Trade Penny Stocks With Our in-depth trading guide - August 2015

motivation motivation motivation - see BoraBora above among others


AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Penny Stock - You need to learn How To Pick and Trade Penny Stocks like this - For example buying this into the close on Friday and selling the monday gap - I expect +$1.00 or so bid in the premarket - I have some long on this .95s

THCZ Totally Hemp Crazy - This Marijuana Penny Stock did some impressive moves on friday - From the .066s to .085 almost a 30-50% gain - if you were following us in the chatroom or followed this blog - kicker bouncer - This is the type of penny stock that can turn a $50,000 account or more into a 10%-30% increase in just ONE TRADE ! -


COTE Coates International - I have been having my eye on this from scans below and in the chatroom from under 1 penny market - went to 2 pennies in just two days - now this is a penny stock you need to follow and learn how to trade for maximum gains

OGEN Oragenics Inc (NYSE MKT) I've been having this stock on radar from the under $2.00 range - it has an AWESOME pattern - almost a PERFECT PATTERN now that is has broken out of the $2 resistance line - it is indeed a possible long but for now I would just like to watch as it seems kind of topish near the $3 range - I would probably pick some up around the 13 EMA its been quite a bullish chart

NYMX Nymox Pharma - I would like to see this above 2.75 and the 13EMA to be holding - potential long - chart is still bullish as far as I can see - I love to see stocks move big around the 2-3$ mark

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