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Vincent Up $219,318 In 2016

 I AM UP $219,318 in Profits in 2016
more each year since we met!

DVD IS good for all skill levels. You show the setups!

The DVD is everything you need to know on how to buy breakouts, bouncers and pumps!
Many examples over the recent years of trading breakouts.
Good visual lesson for people to identify the set-up and execute the trade.
 I recall many of the tickers in the dvd we made money on.

good $ waiting for the right set-up is the key.

Second Week Of July Got Some Killer Penny Stocks To Trade In This Blog Post Here

AVXL great follow thru - I did mention it might dip to .47s right on the dot - hit .474s then right back up possible .55-.60s into tomorrow for sure

MDBX great follow thru from yesterdays scan ... a bunch of people were long .2s hit .3s today !! congrats congrats --- not sure if there is any follow thru I think a fader but just in case it does some sideways I will buy the breakout

NUGN the pump that keeps going still unreal at this point.... I would like to buy it if it ever gets over 4 but highly doubt it ... short bias if you can find shares anywhere

Overall market - seriosly now -250 in the day from 17,700 down to 17,500 and now we finished about 50-100 points higher ... Quick question ? WTF IS GOING ON?!?! 


Learning To Trade Penny Stocks - Possible Best Penny Stocks For July 2015 An Awesome Blog Post Here At PennyStocksPAYD

AVXL I have been watching this one for a .50sh break possible .55-.60 range and a super spike - this is the best thing out there so far 

SGYP I like this one for a over $10 push - possible higher - I had some 9.45s and sold 9.46 for a penny profit

AXMM I had this one on watch all day today and we called it perfectly in the .02 range this morning to an over .055 move.. congrats everybody

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