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Second Week Of July Got Some Killer Penny Stocks To Trade In This Blog Post Here

AVXL great follow thru - I did mention it might dip to .47s right on the dot - hit .474s then right back up possible .55-.60s into tomorrow for sure

MDBX great follow thru from yesterdays scan ... a bunch of people were long .2s hit .3s today !! congrats congrats --- not sure if there is any follow thru I think a fader but just in case it does some sideways I will buy the breakout

NUGN the pump that keeps going still unreal at this point.... I would like to buy it if it ever gets over 4 but highly doubt it ... short bias if you can find shares anywhere

Overall market - seriosly now -250 in the day from 17,700 down to 17,500 and now we finished about 50-100 points higher ... Quick question ? WTF IS GOING ON?!?! 


Learning To Trade Penny Stocks - Possible Best Penny Stocks For July 2015 An Awesome Blog Post Here At PennyStocksPAYD

AVXL I have been watching this one for a .50sh break possible .55-.60 range and a super spike - this is the best thing out there so far 

SGYP I like this one for a over $10 push - possible higher - I had some 9.45s and sold 9.46 for a penny profit

AXMM I had this one on watch all day today and we called it perfectly in the .02 range this morning to an over .055 move.. congrats everybody

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