My Setup

What kind of setups to I trade
How do I scan for them Intraday


1. Liquid Breakouts Settings 52 week breakouts
example OWCP MCIG - buy them

2. Liquid Intraday Reversals Bouncers
example AXIM

3. Liquid Daily Reversal Bouncers
example BUDZ

4. Illiquid Uptrend Chart Pattern Breakouts 52 week breakouts
Example NTFU


1. Intraday Parabolic Breakouts (most of them are shorts - but some of them are good intraday buys- from time to time you get a superquezer )

ETRM / DRYS - mostly buy on dips - 2min 13ema
GLBS / buy off 2minute 13ema

2. Intraday Liquid Bouncers
URRE - buying panic / around round number / possible 13ema

3. Illiquid Uptrend Chart Pattern Breakouts
Looks exacly like an OTC Liquid Consolidation Uptrend Triangle formation breakout - but its nasdaq

Chart Settings / News Settings

2/5 Minute Chart
---- USE VWAP --- What big hedge funds / institutions

How To Access Settings

Please note the below videos require a password to view.

Nasdaq/OTC's Intraday Scan Settings from pennystockspayd on Vimeo.

These are my current setting for my Power ETrade Pro that I use eachday.

This is how I find these setups each day using the settings below.

To learn my secret please subscribe here and get the password.

If you are a current payd subscriber please use the same password as the chatroom password to access these videos.

The password for these videos = the same password as for the chatroom
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