30 Days Cruise Japan


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How do you do it ?  How does he do it ? Read below....

Well a 3 month vacation, after making lots of money, what can I say.There is so much to say and so much to explain that I don't know where to begin.

Traveling the world, and being everywhere really expands your view of things.

I could of bought a new car, house, went on CNBC, signed myself off some company to do their trading, yet I believe traveling first really expands your view.

I really starting to consider myself as someone that makes people rich, in this monetary society, step by step, trade by trade, and I guess this is my neiche.  I guess it really helps you out alot, as when you teach, you actually teach yourself how to be better.  As when you constantly have to do a watchlist each day, because you said you would, that you constantly have to look for trades, because you said you would,it does really improve you be a better trader. - principles like this really distinguishes me from all the rest

"Trading is the only profession that you can be a millionaire overnight, and nobody will know your name" - and I will try to keep it as that -

Americans:  We work so damn much for our money past the point of exaustion because that is we want so much, to buy so much, to have so much, we dont care about consequences to our bodies to what we put in ourselves and go around the world completely clueless of what is going on.  The culture here is only a few hundred years old and yet everybody wants to come to United States.  We are constantly being misled about from media towards the wrong direction and we are somewhat the police of the world.

Japan : Probably the calmest places to live in.  Whenever I looked in any persons eyes, I saw nothing but genuine kidness.  People are so nice there.  You have morals principles, they treat their workers with respect as once you have a job they never kick you out, give you money for retirement, paid vacations and so forth.  And the people are somewhat shy, at least the women are, and the geishas, samurai, influnce put very deep roots in all the people there that make these people have values, healthy principles.  The buddist monisteries realy captured my attention, as I aggree with some if not most of their teachings, as life is so much with "less pain" without being attached to objects and people and things. 

Europe:  European people are mostly white if you not have already known this.  Fashion, healthy eating, art, traditions, architecture and things that really take your breath away.  I could live in Europe, I will deffinitly visit again.  North Europe is quite cold actually to tell you the truth.  The prices are quite steep considering paying 5-7$ for a coffee that is quite ridiculous.  I guess I like skinny girls there, they are so much more than what american girls are like.  Greek islands is what I liked the most, while on some occastions I sometimes feel that I used to be Italian in my past life.

In summary....

The cruising around the world chapter for the next few months ends. I managed to go cruising for 64 days in the last 3 months as a passenger. 3 months vacation, not bad considering my age. I do plan to retire by the time I am 40 on the yacht somewhere warm hahaha...Next comes going across USA by car and crossing the pacific to the Hawaiian Islands where I believe my next home will be, at least for a little while.

I love the Japanese people, budhist monesteries and what they teach, sushi, loyalty and principles japanesse people have, european women, considering they are thinner than all american girls lol , style, food, architecture but there is still so much to see, plus I think warm weather living on Island Time somewhere warm is what I am looking forward now, so long Japan & Europe and hello USA....

Here is some of the pictures of what I have exprienced...


The fish is excellent... Organic too !! I loved it...


Japan Yokohama

Korea Below

They export lots of stuff LOL!

Ofcourse.. UK europe above

Amsterdam above the Heineken Brewery


Thats about it...


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Hope everybody had a good vacation, now it is time to go back to work.


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