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Well this is not my first time here, probably my 5th time and I finally broke it down to the pros and cons...
Took me a while to fully understand this place and here it goes...

After 2 weeks here again this is what I have to say...


-The food is just awesome, I mean you can buy everything healthy, fruit, sandwiches, coffee, fish, chesse, wine, everything top knotch just the way I like it
- People are quite in shape - They take care of their body I hardly see anybody fat or overweight
- Fashion is very SEXUAL - I mean this is the place where you stop to get in for the latest SEXUAL fashion - Jacket, Pants, Shoes, You name it, they got it - Everything has european taste - with class from the highest name brands to the midium
- Women at the red light - my god every single time I am in a different mood I can find some chick to satisfy my emotion or my feelings for that day - it is just an easy fix - - Beer is just awesome, wine, coffee shops, for people that smoke it is great - I don't so I am good - but it is good for those who smoke marijuana
- It is clean - probably the best train and tram station you will find- It is a very nice place to stop by yearly and get updated with the trend - just awesome


- there are alot of low lives trying to feed off the tourists- people are quite materialistic I mean they like nice stuff they like it this way and they will always like stuff - you are unlikely going to find love but you will satisfy all your materialistic needs, from food, to clothes, to accesories, to wine, to women, you want it they have it
- whatever you do, do not tell your life story to anybody you meet - keep it simple straight to the point
- do not try to pick up a girl at the bar or try anything of that matter - you are in for a quick in and out
- do not give any extra information about yourself - nothing keep everything to a minimal
- things are quite expencive I mean they have it but the bills ad up be sure you have your wallet ready for some good spending
- it is quite cold sometimes in the winter - be ready to bring your jacket, gloves, scarf and get moving cause its cold
- under no circumstance buy local drugs from some dealer on the street - do not make any eye contact with them just walk away and they will leave you alone

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