It was kind of fun to tell you the truth....

Despite the fact that I feel like I gained 20 pounds I have been on the road for over 1 1/2 months I think ...

I was able to trade and travel .... maintain my sanity .... and also maintain this website ....

Despite the fact that I usually do about everything to trade, travel, plan, scan for stocks, put up videos ....

I am still a little lmited on some of my views to only 20-30 views per video

I don't know where the people are out there ..... but this is the reality of things

Now lets go on and proceed with what this place had to offer


I stumbled into town and had my first Gyro... they are actually called Hyros .... Not anything else not anything more...

They really make some of the best hyrost out there ---- and yes they are really good - I give the grade of 10 maybe more

I eat wayyyy too much and I probably travel just the same...

Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a big fat rich guy looking for naked girls but I am trying to change that LOL

See like you can see above I have added the salad and such things to my meal....

This was a nice beach --- In I forgot in what beach name this was but you can see the title in the video below

Yes .. the beach was nice --- I actually floated a bit in the water before I got a really big "too much sun exposure syndrome"

Not the greatest time right now - but hey it was awesome doing it !

Here I am endulging myself eating fries... yes I know --- but they were sooo good... I am sticking only to salad now despite my overeating habits and seeing the greek islands

I don't know how they managed to get a Mustang here in Greece but I thought it was super kool.... My other car is a Muscle Car in the States .. that I dont really like to disclose - reason - it doesn't really bring alot of highlight to my trading lifestyle - its more of me car .... early youth car...

But this is a something I am willing to buy !

Again eating --- I know - its pathethic -- taking pictures of your food -- but you can see the trend here how I am choosing salad over Hiros, pizza, pasta or french fries..

I am going towards a good direction

A very good direction --- this was a local beach --- kind of living localy that I forgot the name of -- I will chilling out in the sun ... and it was a relax moment

You see how the coffee has no sugar and water doesn't have any either LOL

Now this is living ! :)

Yes the water was nice .... there weren't that many people there .... it felt like I was in the maldives because the water was up to your knees and I could just hang out in the middle of the water..

And just stand there ... and walk around LOL !

The water is clear ... I bet if there were some fish there I could see them .. but there weren't to my dissapointment ... go back to the Maldives to see them there !

And then I just walked up and down the beach ... and found myself a nice hammock to sit in

This is a resort style local style greece... and everything was cheap tooo LOL ! about $3 euros to eat ... $1 euro water... really low budget place

After that I was up $1,500 bucks on my position TRTC from .35cents that is now in the .50 cents --_

I recently bought and sold and rebought ... and thats the beauty of trading

I can be in hammock in the middle of Greece and make $1,500 bucks for swinging left to right and watching the sunset...

Its actually what I did... not going to lie... it sounds crazy, kind of boring if you ask me... I would of rather went to the moon and back that would of been more exciting...

What do you want? I like beach, good food, money and lots of naked girls... I am sorry I can't be better than that...

Probably if I was a little older in my mid 50s , we can sit down and hang by the garden for a week or two .. but this is kind of what my life is right now

And another beach I went to kind of a resort style living beach ...

It was nice yet expencive....

Expencive meaning from a Greek point of view .. but considering you pay $5 for a coffee at starbucks you would pay here 5 euros for a frappe on the beach to use this resort

It was nice can't complain... I would probably be here again

And the water was nice cant complain much....

It was a zzzzzZzzzz day and lots of sun and chill like atmosphere

The water looked nice toooooo - kind of like the maldives only resort style greece --- I would be here again - I highly recommend !

I was having a frappe and this is kind of what the beach is like ... The resort style living...

I actually made the video about my newest DVD on this beach... Thought it kool

But I guess the envy is out there..... and its burning them... anyway... I got one dislike on my newest DvD soooo I guess he doesn't like me traveling the world and going to greece!

I am sorry ! but this is my life - I can't make everybody happy !

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