30 Days Cruise Hawaii / French Polynesia


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Just got back from my 30 days cruise in the the Pacific Islands.  It was quite awesome to tell you the truth.  I never thought I will finally get a chance to see Bora Bora and to my surprise Raiatea really impressed me. 

I am going to go in detail how I spent my time in each of these islands.

The first island I saw was Hilo.  Very interesting little place.  This island had an active volcano, probably the most interesting thing on this island.  I enjoyed the nice scenery and watching "smoke" come out of the ground.  That was quite a trip. 

Yes, I went in that little tunnel, it seems like a small little cave more or less.  It seems cool though "walking on the steps of previous lava" from the past and drilling thru the ground. 

I hope you dressed well, it was quite chilly down there.


I kept wondering...

If there is smoke coming out of the ground, what is it really that we are standing on as we speak?

It is very cool to be sitting on an active volcano, you can go up with a Helicopter and see real lava, but paying $1000 for the one hour trip is just not really worth my time, even I have a budget.

My next island was Maui, Lahaina in Hawaii.  I believe Oprah or a few famous people bought a few houses.  One of the best aspects of Maui is that I guess, it is very quiet, clean and belongs to the United States. 

Do I see myself buying a place here? Sure.  Its nice its peacefull, look at the gigantic mountain below...

I mean waking up to this view is quite amazing.  At the first site of it I fell in love, but then I realized that I have to wake up at 3am or so to trade stocks and I got a little discouraged.

And that above is really me doing the giant step or whatever pose that is.  I am still having trouble figuring it out.  Sheshh.... Am I getting my 6 pack of abs back?  I look so good in this picture.  Thank you so much.

My next place probably Honolulu.  Sheshhhh... I got a chance to see Wikiki beach... Soooooooooooooooo many people..... Sooooooooooooo many buidings.  It is Miami Beach all over again, but ofcourse cleaner, more refined, better restaurants and ofcourse Hawaii surfing spirit.

Wikiki Beach or Honolulu the capital of Hawaii was quite nice... See below

Tons, tons, tons of people... Surfing was like invented here... and sooooo many hotels.  I really felt like I was one one of the best beaches of what United States has to offer.

Not too bad.  Life is good in Wikiki Beach Honolulu.  It is warm, it is nice, it is Hawaii United States Style.

Next was Kona..... and ofcourse I got 4 1/2 pounds of Kona Coffee, it is the best Coffee in the world guys.  I am loving it.  I had an espresso and I was ready to climb a mountain... heheh... Imagine that.

And then a few days went by I endulged myself with some great food... You know how I like it...

Next was Fanning Island, ofcourse I could keep my eye of this girl in Pink Bikini... Sheshhh...

Did you check her out? Ofcourse the water is awesome!! LOL

I swear she was looking right at me ;))... and why woudn't she, she got a lot to look at...

And next ofcourse was Bora Bora.....

And this island is awesome...took these pictures with my awesome camera...

 Probably one of the best of the bunch....

Check out some bungalow pictures below

I know... It is quite AWESOME :))

Next... I learned how to drive stick shift.... hahah in Raiatea... LOL!!

And lost and not least... Mooooooorea... Save the best for last...

The following pictures were taked with my camera.... Just an AWESOME ISLAND !!

Kodak Moment... just perfect....

Those are sharks... and I did swim with them.... ;))))

Moorea.... I will be back... You trully are one of the most beautiful island of the Pacific, for now...

See, anything is possible, you just got to put your mind to it...


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