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Somebody asked me if i can write about the pros and cons of living in waikiki beach. As you probably know this is my honest opinion on this without anybody influencing me whatsoever.
Living in Hawaii - Waikiki - Oahu


- The beaches are really nice...you can always find a beach to go to
- The Weather - really nice in the 70s and 80s most of the time. Is not humid as it is in Florida its a little warmer than California i would say - i sleep with the window open most of the time
- I actually kind of quit smoking being here this could be a con for those that do smoke - considering it is almost illegal to smoke anywhere you go to
- The outdoor activities are enormous I mean scuba, snorkeling, surfing, wind surfing and anything that has to do with water
- It is owned by united states and you can stay here as long as you want buy property and nobody will kick you out if your a citizen
- The scenery is quite awesome everywhere you go driving around the island
- There are plenty of tourists out there you can surf and get drunk with
- Plenty of Japanese tourists and i found them quite nice most of them
- There are plenty of farmers market for local fruit and local stuff that they show up in waikiki gettibg sold to us - its really nice having the farmer come to us
- You can jog around diamond head, there are about 50 places or so you can hike so if you an outdoor person this would be a place for you
- local coffee and tea and even granola bars just awesome
- You can tell all your friends you live in hawaii and everybody would be envious
- I guess it is easier to get laid with the tourists since they are on vacation - that is if your desperate - i havent seen that many good looking ones its like 1 in every 40 girls i somewhat find worth looking at for a longer glimpse
- The gym is nice and close so there is no problem getting active for whaterver your doing
- You skin will and can possibly turn black from too much exposure to sun lol
- Tinder app is really popular here haha if you really cant get anybody to sleep with you lol
- The most romantic island in the world sure...one of top 20 but if you brought a date that is lol not a city to find love in here lol
- some people do smoke weed on the main road LOL.. Ive seen them do it... Medical marijuana is legal so I have read thus far


- Food is expencive here - and anything else in between
- Everything except fruit and some fish is being imported on this main land- i mean 95% of food is imported
- There are 150 beach bums on this beach and wearing anything that is not common something fancy like a nice pair of shoes will get the beach bums all over you
- the resorts take all the money from the island and most of the native hawaiians dont get any of the dough. They get minimum wage jobs and sadly have to make it on 2k a month salary or so
- The white population is like 15% and the Asians have most of the island
- some Asians are quite racist i tried to rent a place to park my car the owner said we have to meet so we can see "if i meet the criteria to rent a spot in this neighborhood" really uptight some of them are - and this is two blocks from waikiki beach lol
- Fashion doesn’t exist - do you own a pair of shorts? That’s all you need really to wear on the beach
- There are prostitutes at night, pimps, drugs everywhere at night just like any other city
- Some guy got stabbed the other week for going in an area filled with polynesian people they really dislike Americans lol stick to your kind and you will be fine
- People at the hotel are quite fake..give us your money and go home...there is no sense of community at all here more like any other major city from the main land
- There are alot alot of asians not that is anything wrong with that but i tend to stick to my kind and expect for you to do the same
- If you live here, getting dates good luck, match.com surfing and the park... Odds are like 1 in 100 or so hahaha actually it feels great sometimes being the only white guy - european single guy on a beach of 500. Yes i do get noticed lol
- Gold diggers are here too but they expect some guy working for google or apple coming in from the mainland living here
- Girls at the gym... Working there yess they are here ready to jump your bones just for a chance of not having to work a single day in their life for this minimum wage jobs
- There are also the girls with babies that have just too much baggage for me to handle
- Traffic wow... It takes 1 hour to go 10 miles or so..its not that the island doesn’t have roads there are too many cars to get there...i rather go to the beach then go thru traffic
- Parking in Waikiki think about 120$ a month or so if your lucky lol
- Soo many trashy people its ridiculous... I mean most if not all of them look like beach bums and homeless...they are really annoyingly
- ofcourse most if not all of them smoke weed but this would be a con for me but for most is a pro… I am kind of allergic to weed LOL I passed out last time I took a drag or two hah
- Trading sucks... waking up at 3am just sucks... it is very very very hard to do... especially when you lost some money lol


Waikiki beach and oahu is an awesome island to visit maybe for 2 weeks but after a month or so things gets old. I mean I can handle it because my mind is in other places but some people get carried away. It is great. Want a getaway vacation two weeks awesome. Want to live in a place overpopulated with double food prices and rent, this is not the place for you.

I think I would be more happy on an island in Greece to tell you the truth, the food is much better, people are nicer and the women are wayyy skinnier that have me starying from miles away.

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