Hawaii Waikiki


Yep still alive... I have been chillin here in Waikiki Beach.  The trading schedule is just awfull.  Believe it or not waking up at 3am is not too much fun.  The color of my skin is black and I keep getting looks from single girls and I am liking it heheh.... I am getting closer and closer to my 6 pack...damn body fat...

Food is sooo expencive... Fruit is really good though and cheap...  The sun is up and shinning every single day can't complain much...rent about $2,000 a month or so..... Yes Waikiki Beach is in Oahu....

Thank you for those following me on twitter... you guys rock !!

I am planning to move to Maui this week, with a car and all... also plan on dating this european chick I found online.. based on my findings.... seems very romantic and such... can't complain much except for the market having to open at 3am and not 4pm....

The market... where to I begin....The market sucks, unless you are short, its like a hit or miss.  I think its a 20% chance you get a  nice win once in a while in the otcbb land.  I am waiting for odds to improve and also working on my tan to tell you the truth.

Anyway ... I added all the 150 videos I have stored thru my 2-3 years of my trading career on youtube soooooooooo it is time to get your education in while it is slowwww....

Here are a couple of videos of where I am:

Anway... brush up on videos and I will post as many as I can...

Ofcourse I will be monitoring the market from the sidelines... but we are in watching mode for now...

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