I Am Heading To Amalfi Coast - Italy - Wohooooo ! Penny Stock Guru and Trader PAYD Traveling The World By Car Driving Around Europe For Fun and Boredom !

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I Am Heading To Amalfi Coast - Italy - Wohooooo !

Got to love trading stocks from anywhere in the world

I am heading over to Amalfi Coast - I will let you guys how it will go - can't wait to see Carpri

And drive around the coast ... with the car I bought in Germany 

Life is great if you know how to live it.. and where to spend your time !!

And ofcourse what stocks to trade that is probably the most important thing ! hint hint Tongue out


I actually did this drive with the tour bus... when I was here .... but I did not drive it...

I am wondering how it is to drive around Amalfi Coast - I am very certain it is 

They have a bunch of restaurants around looking down at the ocean... can't complain much I will let you know

I Love My Job


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